Ahh, post-dinner relaxing with dirt cheap beer.  #landgraf #austria #maplesyrup #hellofriends :)

Ahh, post-dinner relaxing with dirt cheap beer. #landgraf #austria #maplesyrup #hellofriends :)

Some cool stuff I’ve seen here in Austria.

New job description: Broken traffic light.

Staring from balconies above and through glass windows.

Too much, too much already.

Well, isn’t this a familiar feeling?

Let’s be honest here. I can’t be honest with myself. Impaired judgment and heightened vulnerability don’t really mix well. I don’t really know if I can truly open myself up like this. But it’s up to me to make this right.. one way or another.

It’s easy to be fearless when you feel like you have nothing to lose.

I really liked that the hostel we’re staying at is down the road from the biggest Catholic pilgrimage site in Europe. I think it was comforting to see that God’s still making his presence known wherever I go, you know? I do wish I could have stayed a bit longer, but maybe when I have time, I’ll come visit again to attend a proper mass here.

I’m here!

Haha, well it’s been a fun first three days so far. I survived the plane rides and so far, I’ve been making friends, getting excited about living here, and drinking generous amounts of alcohol (legally!). There’s so much to do here and the country is so beautiful that I’m almost getting overwhelmed. I move into my apartment tomorrow. . getting kinda nervous haha.


What Tumblr Has “Taught” Me About Life

  • everything is literally rape except for men being raped, abused or assaulted by women; that’s just the patriarchy backfiring or something
  • people will defend to the death your right to believe that you are a reincarnated demon-lord with fifty-five personalities
  • whiny delusional shut-ins are just as oppressed as gay people
  • the world consists solely of America and nameless brown-people  countries that America has invaded at some point
  • telling people to kill themselves is perfectly fine if they disagree with you
  • you can pull genders out of your ass if you want
  • reblogging posts is harassment
  • people will believe literally anything
  • if you repeat something fifty times and tack on a passive-aggressive Japanese emote, you’re automatically right
  • people who spent 8 hours a day blogging are better informed on medical issues than people who went to medical school
  • words don’t have definitions
  • everything is oppression
  • skepticism is evil
  • science and modern medicine are the Illuminati
  • nobody’s beliefs should be challenged by anything ever
  • if somebody tells you they have a tumblr, there’s a 50/50 chance they’re batshit insane

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